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Water Filtering and Softening Services in Springfield, MO


Keep Your Water Clean With White Plumbing Water Services

Purifying the water you use daily is crucial to your family’s health and the function of your pipes and appliances. And we can help! White Plumbing has experience with several high-quality water filtering and softening systems and can help you decide which option is best for your family.

Whether whole house or at the point of contact, our plumbing specialist repair, replace, and install water purifying systems for families in Springfield. Below are some of the water cleaning systems we recommend.

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Sewer line repair

Water Softeners

Hard water is bad for your skin and leaves limescale build-up on your tub and sinks, damages the inside of your water-relying appliances, and even clogs drains. A water softening system removes mineral build-up and sediment particles and balances chlorine levels.

Water Filtration & Condition Systems

Rather than rely on bottled water or over-the-counter water filtration, our experts can help you install or maintain a water filtration system. This helps filter out agricultural chemicals, heavy metals, and industrial solvents and can even provide UV filtering and water oxidation.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis (RO) removes minerals and de-ionizes your drinking water by forcing it through a semi-permanent membrane, eliminating salt, particles, pesticides, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, and more. This process will remove fluoride, which some consider beneficial. Because there are fewer parts to this water filtration system, installation, maintenance, and repair are much easier and more affordable in some cases.

UV Water Purifiers

These popular water purifying systems use ultraviolet light to kill nearly 99.9% of dangerous microbial contaminants like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more. During treatment, water is fed through a UV chamber where it’s exposed to UV light. This light damages the microorganism cells, preventing growth and reproduction, which causes death. UV water purifiers can be combined with other whole-house systems like Reverse Osmosis.

Water Testing

Worried that you have contaminates and dangerous microorganisms in your water? White Plumbing provides advanced testing to check the purification levels of your drinking water. Our experts can test municipal water, which flows from the majority of residential homes, as well water, rainwater, and spring water. Contact us for more information on testing your water and how we can help purify your family’s drinking water.