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Residential Plumbing


Repairs & Remodels

Repair and Remodel Plumbing Services in Springfield, MO
Freezing temperatures? Scorching heat? Hail
storm? They are no match for our work ethic.
Plumbing problems require immediate
attention, no matter the time of day, weekends
or holidays, or weather conditions to keep your
project on track and completed on time. Get
professional, timely, affordable, and quality
emergency services, as well as preventative maintenance tips.


Water Heater

Water Heater Service in Springfield, MO
Do you know what to do if your water heater goes out? First, turn off the water to your home, then call White Plumbing. We service three main types of hot water heaters, electric, gas, and tankless. Each has its pros and cons. We’ll walk you through any repairs, as well as offer energy-efficient options or upgrades to tankless hot water heaters.


Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtering and Softening Services in Springfield, MO
Chiropractic is the use of non-invasive techniques to promote physical healing. By manipulating the muscles and joints back to a proper state, you’ll remove tension, decrease inflammation, and restore yourself to full mobility.



White Plumbing Full-Service Plumbing Services | Sump and Sewage Pumps
Pumps distribute water to and help keep water out of your home, especially after a heavy rain or snow melting event. Whether you have a pump to access your well water, sprinkler, irrigation system, or a sump pump for basements or below-level buildouts, yearly maintenance saves you money. It also helps make issues easier to spot during inspections.



Plumbing Services for Residential Kitchens in Springfield, MO
Water pipes and gas lines can run through your kitchen side by side. If there is any issue, it’s best to trust our team of master plumbers. From minor repairs to major upgrades, White Plumbing can save you time, money, and headaches on many common kitchen plumbing issues.



Complete Plumbing Services for Residential Bathrooms in Springfield, MO
Bathrooms are essential, especially if you only have one in the home. You need these to be high-functioning systems that can handle anything and everything (kids love to flush toys every now and then, right?).

Call the pros at White Plumbing when they back up, clog, overflow, or leak.


Pipe Freezing

White Plumbing | Residential Pipe Freezing Services In Springfield, MO
Our team of experienced plumbers uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to perform pipe-freezing using liquid nitrogen. We can quickly and safely create ice plugs in pipes of various sizes and materials, allowing us to perform maintenance or repairs without disrupting the water supply.

Give our experts a call today to set up an appointment.


Pipe Thawing

White Plumbing | Residential Pipe Thawing Services In Springfield, MO
If you suspect your pipes are frozen, don’t wait! Call a professional plumbing service before trying to heat the lines yourself. White Plumbing provides professional pipe thawing services to get your pipes functioning again before catastrophe strikes. Our plumbing specialists can use a high-amp electric welder to warm up pipes in a controlled manner or use other equipment to thaw pipes and allow water to flow throughout your home again.

Call our office for a free estimate today.


Gas Service

Gas Repair and Installation Services in Springfield, MO | White Plumbing
Gas must be respected. Cracked or leaking lines can make your family sick or, worse, result in dangerous fires or explosions. It’s best left to the professionals to prevent deadly accidents. The experts at White Plumbing have decades of combined experience working with fireplaces, ranges, water heaters, dryers, and more. We can even install gas-powered outdoor firepits!

Sewers & Drains


Cable or Snaking

White Plumbing Residential Sewer and Drain Services | Cable or Snake A Drain
Slow drains, clogs, and backups indicate a problem in your system. Many homeowners turn to store-bought chemicals to fix the problem, which can damage pipes and current plumbing systems. A plumbing snake is a flexible, metal cable with an auger or uncoiled spring that uncoils as it goes down the drain, breaking up the clog or releasing obstruction.



White Plumbing Residential Sewer and Drain Services | Hydro-Jetting Services
High-pressure water is pushed through the pipes to help remove scale, clogs, and organic materials that build up over time. This method also eliminates scratching from cabling, and it is sometimes safer for pipes and more efficient than other clog removal or break-up processes.


Sewer Replacements

White Plumbing Residential Sewer and Drain Services | Sewer Services
Cracks, corrosion, extreme temperatures, or damage from storms or tree roots can disrupt sewer lines, leaving a mess behind and causing big headaches for homeowners. Unfortunately, what your neighbors put down their drains may also impact your sewer lines. White Plumbing can help!


Trenchless Pipe Patching

White Plumbing Residential Sewer and Drain Services | Trenchless Pipe Services
Trenchless pipe repair technology is a game changer for homeowners. It can eliminate the need for digging and labor, saving you hundreds of dollars in plumbing repair costs. Trenchless repair is like a stint, providing efficient, long-lasting structural assistance and performance.


Camera Inspections

White Plumbing Professional Services In Springfield, MO. | Camera Pipeline Inspection
Plumbing provider
No one can see through metal, copper, or plastic pipes. Rather than guess, the experts at White Plumbing use the latest technology to properly diagnose leaks, cracks, backups, clogs, and more. We use high-resolution cameras to inspect the pipes for damage, debris, or other problems.



Underground Pipe Locating | White Plumbing Professional Services In Springfield, MO
Most plumbing is out of sight and underground, making it difficult to diagnose a problem or dangerous during construction projects. Underground pipe location, or utility locating service, helps identify utilities such as water, electric, cable, sewer, and gas on your property to prevent disasters during remodels, rebuilds, or new construction.



White Plumbing Residential Sewer and Drain Services | Septic System Services
A septic system is necessary when the city or municipal water and sewer service is unavailable in your area. Septic tanks are buried underground and collect and clean sewage and wastewater before sending it to a drainfield away from your home via gravity, pressure distribution, or sand filter and mound systems.

Commercial Plumbing


Residential Construction

You have one chance to get your plumbing right before the rooms are framed and the drywall is hung. We work with your contractor, engineer, and project manager to ensure water and sewer lines are installed and connected correctly and plumbing components are secured and flowing in the right direction.



Plumbing is the heartbeat of any new building or remodel. Our experienced crews work hand in hand with project managers, contractors, city managers, engineers, and architects. White Plumbing Company has a successful track record with large and small-scale plumbing and installation projects for various commercial properties. BOOK NOW


Site Infrastructure

Commercial plumbing and utility infrastructure are complex systems and require professional repair and replacement services. White Plumbing has worked with small and large business owners for over 34 years to ensure their water systems are high-functioning and meet site-specific needs.


Backflow Testing

Backflow occurs when water flows in a different direction than intended, potentially causing dirty water to mix with the clean water supply. A special backflow device helps stop this from happening when it works properly. Because backflow poses a serious health risk, testing is required by law.