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Why Are Sump and Sewage Pump Services Important?

Pumps distribute water to and help keep water out of your home, especially after a heavy rain or snow melting event. Whether you have a pump to access your well water, sprinkler, irrigation system, or a sump pump for basements or below-level buildouts, yearly maintenance saves you money. It also helps make issues easier to spot during inspections.

Likewise, sewage pumps prevent sewage from backing up into your home. Using an ejector pump, sewage overflow collects in a tank or basin and is then pushed into your home’s main line once it reaches a certain level.

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White Plumbing Is The Area's Sump and Sewage Pump Experts

White Plumbing has serviced or installed multiple types of pumps:

These discharge lines and pipes are typically buried, so it’s essential to have professional plumbers like White Plumbing maintain and repair these sump and sewage pump systems.