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Pipe Thawing Services In Springfield, MO


What Is Pipe Thawing?

Snow and freezing temperatures are a fact of life during the winter in Springfield. But quick temperature drops and poor insulation can cause your pipes to freeze suddenly. When this happens, it’s best to turn your water off at the main line. Why? After six hours or more of sustained below-freezing temperatures, frozen pipes can burst, flooding your home or basement with water. While pipes can thaw on their own, pipe thawing is a controlled “warm up” of your pipes using current.

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If you suspect your pipes are frozen, don’t wait! Call a professional plumbing service before trying to heat the lines yourself. White Plumbing provides professional pipe thawing services to get your pipes functioning again before catastrophe strikes. Our plumbing specialists use a high-amp electric welder to warm up pipes in a controlled manner, thawing the pipes and allowing water to flow throughout your home again. Call our office for a free estimate today.