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Pipe Freezing Services In Springfield, MO

What Is Pipe Freezing?

Controlled pipe freezing is a technique professional plumbing teams use to test your pipe for leaks. Using liquid nitrogen, White Plumbing specialists can test your pipeline for leaks or perform maintenance without draining or emptying the lines. Liquid nitrogen is frozen to create a plug to stop the water flow without damage or allowing air pockets to develop within the lines. Once a repair or replacement is performed, the ice plug is safely melted, and water flows again.

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White Plumbing Uses Pipe Freezing To Test Pipes

White Plumbing offers pipe freezing as a cost-effective and safe method to isolate sections of your plumbing infrastructure to identify potential cracks or leaks and perform repairs or replacements. This process can safely withstand up to 3,000 PSI line pressure, reducing the risk of damage to your pipes and preventing air from developing in the water lines. Give our experts a call today to set up an appointment.