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Pipe Freezing Services In Springfield, MO


What Is Pipe Freezing?

Pipe freezing is a method used to create a temporary ice plug within a pipe, allowing repairs or installations to be performed without shutting off the water supply to the entire system. By freezing the water inside the pipe, we can isolate the section where work needs to be done, minimizing disruption and inconvenience.

When is Pipe Freezing Necessary?

Pipe freezing is particularly useful in situations where shutting off the water supply is not feasible or practical.

This may include:

  • Emergency repairs where immediate action is required.
  • Installing new branch lines, fittings, or valves without disrupting water service to other building parts.
  • Performing repairs or upgrades in commercial or industrial settings where shutting down the entire system is not an option.

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Our Pipe Freezing process

At White Plumbing Company, our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to freeze pipes safely and efficiently for repairs and installations.

Our process includes:


We assess the plumbing system to determine the best approach for pipe freezing based on the location and nature of the repair or installation.


Using specialized equipment, we create a temporary ice plug within the pipe at the desired location, effectively isolating the section where work will be performed.

Repair or Installation

With the pipe frozen, our technicians can safely perform the required repairs or installations with minimal disruption to your water service.


We carefully thaw the ice plug once the work is complete, restoring normal water flow through the pipe.

White Plumbing Professional Pipe Freezing

At White Plumbing Company, we understand that plumbing repairs can be challenging, especially when water cannot be shut off. That’s why we offer professional pipe freezing services to help facilitate those difficult repairs and installations without the need to shut off the water supply.

If you require pipe-freezing services for your plumbing repairs or installations, trust the experts at White Plumbing Company. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.