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Comprehensive Commercial Plumbing Service in Springfield, MO


We Put The 'Pro' in Professional Plumbing Services

As a locally-owned and operated plumbing company, White Plumbing has provided highly specialized, honest, and dependable commercial service for public and private businesses in Springfield. From fixing broken pipes, running lines for new apartment construction, stopping sewage backups in restaurants, repairing water mains, and more, our team has helped keep the community’s water and gas flowing strong.

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Commercial Repair and Installation Service Experts

Don’t let a plumbing issue slow your business down. Our experts will save you time and money by getting the job done right the first time.

Plumbing Services for New Residential Construction

You have one chance to get your plumbing right before the rooms are framed and the drywall is hung. We work with your contractor, engineer, and project manager to ensure water and sewer lines are installed and connected correctly and plumbing components are secured and flowing in the right direction. Your home is equipped with water-saving technology.

Multi-Family Apartments, Duplexes & Townhomes Plumbing Services

Plumbing is the heartbeat of any new building or remodel. Our experienced crews work hand in hand with project managers, contractors, city managers, engineers, and architects. White Plumbing Company has a successful track record with large and small-scale plumbing and installation projects for various commercial properties.

We Are Your Commercial Plumbing Infrastructure Experts

Commercial plumbing and utility infrastructure are complex systems and require professional repair and replacement services. White Plumbing has worked with small and large business owners for over twenty years to ensure their water systems are high-functioning and meet site-specific needs.

Water and Fire Mains

These underground installations can be dangerous. Our highly-trained experts can maintain, repair, and install commercial water and fire mains.

Sewer Mains

Our team has decades of experience repairing and replacing the inner workings of the public sewer mains that connect to your home.

Lift Stations

Septic systems rely on lift stations to force sewage uphill. Our team can service, support, maintain, and replace commercial lift stations.

Storm Water Drainage

We create systems to control runoff and help prevent standing water around your home and property.

Commercial Plumbing Backflow Testing

Backflow occurs when water flows in a different direction than intended, potentially causing contaminated water to mix with the clean water supply. A special backflow device helps stop this from happening when it works properly. Because backflow poses a serious health risk, testing is required by law.

White Plumbing provides commercial backflow testing for businesses, medical facilities, educational facilities, multi-family buildings, city buildings, and other public or commercially-owned properties. Our experts can test your device. If a problem is detected, we can repair or replace your backflow safety device and get your water (and business) flowing in the right direction! Call us today for a free estimate.